Calm Down in 3 Mins

For a while I was skeptical about this meditation. I mean, how is it possible to change your state of mind in only 3 minutes? But it actually works. The great thing is that everyone has 3 minutes, so it’s a great motivation to try it.


✔ Sit in a comfortable posture with a straight spine. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the breath.
✔ Tune in with ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO.
✔ Mudra (see photo for details). Bring your hands to the chest level, keep your forearms parallel to the floor. The distance between the hands and the chest is about 10 cm.
Thumbs and middle fingers are straight, tips are touching. The rest of the fingers are bent, middle phalanges lightly pressed into each other.

✴This position of fingers is called “mudra that is pleasant to the mind ”. They said that Buddha gave it to his disciples to calm down the mind.

✔Eye focus at the tip of the nose.

✔Breath. Take a smooth full inhale and hold your breath. With your breath suspended, silently repeat your favourite mantra (preferably a short one, like Sat Nam or Wahe Guru) 11-21 times. However, make sure you don’t feel like suffocating, the suspension time must be comfortable for you. Your exhale should be smooth as well.
Now suspend the breath on the exhale and repeat the mantra the same number of times.
Continue this breathing pattern for 3 minutes.
✴You can count instead of chanting a mantra. The idea is to keep your breath suspended on the inhale and on the exhale for the same period of time. Mantra helps to calm down the thoughts even more, but if you don’t have a favorite mantra, just count from 1 to 10 or more.

✔Don’t rush after the meditation. Keep observing your inner space and breath.

✔Finish with chanting Sat Nam 🙏

Ask me questions in the comments below and share your experience after you tried this meditation. Do you feel calmer now? 🙂

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